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TODOR Diary - To-Do Reminder

TODOR Diary is an easy to use calendar and todo manager schedule software
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Hoplusz Rendszer Kft.
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2 January 2009

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TODOR Diary is a calendar software that enables users to maintain daily To Do lists and to maintain their daily schedule.

Pros: TODOR Diary is an easy to use scheduling tool. It enables a user to maintain their daily schedule as well as To Do lists. Appointments, meetings, deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries and other events can be stored with a time and date. It is easy to setup recurring To Dos that appear say on a daily, weekly or even a monthly basis. It can store intervals in addition to fixed appointments. It also has certain software managing functions. It logs and maintains a list of all software that is running and the user can schedule software to be started and stopped at fixed times.

Cons: In short this just doesn’t have enough bells and whistles for it to be considered worth purchasing. The price tag is a bit on the loftier side when you consider the things that it offers. Consider for example the fact that it needs to be ON in order for the reminding function to work. This is something that one can easily forget to do. It would be a real convenience if it could add remote messaging and alarms to the overall package so that you would be able to keep tabs on your schedule even when not in front of the computer where the software is installed. Other than that, the interface is also poor and it can quickly become a drag to use this software for long periods.

Overall: 3 stars. This is a fairly good tool and performs the basic tasks of daily scheduling and reminding well. However, it does too little to qualify as an independent product (it is over-priced) and there are other issues that make it unattractive for long term use. The interface is pretty poor and this makes the overall package below average.

Publisher's description

TODOR Diary is an easy to use calendar and todo manager schedule software. You can register all important todo, event and appointment. Todo can be a timed appointment, meeting, deadline work or just a note. The software will alarm to do the todo. The freeware version of the schedule diary software can be downloaded and tried immediately.
TODOR Diary - To-Do Reminder
TODOR Diary - To-Do Reminder
Version 2.20
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